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Elaine Mercedes Mendoza left her safe corporate job in 2015 to pursue a happier life with more freedom.  Since then, she has traveled to so many cities and countries around the world that she has lost count.  Her world travels have served as a classroom to help her heal the labels that were once in control of her life and that are very possibly affecting yours. 


Elaine enjoys sharing her life around the world on Instagram  @FinallyElaine.  However, although her work as a travel writer has been published, it is her work as an Author and Speaker that makes her come to life.  She is a Contributing Author in "Time to Rise" where she was featured and called a "Change-Maker" by The Gandhi Foundation in 2017. 

In her upcoming book "Humanized--Life Beyond Labels," she openly shares her journey growing up in a world that is not always welcoming to those that are not considered the norm.  Elaine openly explores and shares the four labels that affected her life: immigrant, Latina, female, and a part of the  LGBTQ community. 

Most importantly, she helps us become aware of our own labels that hold us back and the stories we tell ourselves about others.  Finally, the tough conversations about Diversity and Inclusion come to life in a safe space. FinallyElaine is here. She does not just talk about diversity and inclusion --she LIVES it.

What Am I Good At?

* Being an INFJ and living as the most rare personality type on the planet

*  Speaking about the labels that make us prisoners of our own lives and how to get rid of their control

*  Smiling and laughing ( known by her friends as having an uncanny sense of humor)

*  Cooking 

*  Belting out Broadway standards 

*  Coaching people to have the courage to live the lives they truly want by being a breathing example of it and as a professional speaker

*  Filling her Instagram and Facebook with photographs and stories inspired by "Our World" #FinallyElaine

*Raising money for teachers to buy school supplies! Please check out HATS Off the non-profit I founded in 2019. 


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