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HUMANIZED - Life Beyond Labels

Coming March 2022

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Although my story is unique and not common,  my feelings are not. We all want to be loved and have a sense of belonging.  My journey is one from being dehumanized because of labels to acceptance; from resentment and anger to forgiveness; from feeling like something is missing to feeling whole. It’s a journey in which labels are peeled away -- prejudice within our culture, within my own family, and myself. It’s a journey that gets beneath the surface of how we show ourselves in the world and how we see others – even those we pretend aren’t as worthy and as “human” as we are.  Before the world labeled us, we are all just human beings deserving of love and respect.  Labels no longer just help describe us.  Now, we divide people into levels of worthiness depending on their “labels.”  It is time to explore the conversation of becoming “Humanized” and living our lives beyond labels. 

Time To Rise

Life has a way of holding us back. Regardless of our backgrounds, setbacks have the potential to prevent us from reaching our full potential. But they could do just the opposite. Whether our challenges are physical, mental or emotional, too many of us don’t realize that success cannot exist without failure. With the right mindset, all of us can get back up, dust ourselves off and keep pushing forward. You truly can heal your life. In Time to Rise, Dr. Andrea Pennington presents 29 inspiring tales of people from various backgrounds and cultures who didn’t let tragedy and defeat hold them back. They discovered that the ability to follow your heart, listen to your intuition and bounce back after stress can be strengthened. These stories cover events ranging from dealing with stress on the job and healing from divorce to overcoming eating disorders and healing from trauma. What these people all have in common is how they used these problems to transform their lives for the better. They prove that you can rise no matter what your story has been. 



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