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YUMMY EATS Free Foodie Walking Tour of Playa del Carmen with FinallyElaine

Have you ever wanted to do a foodie tour with a true expert and travel writer? Now is your chance. Why do a tour with Elaine? How can you not? Look at this charming face and smile. Doesn't this look like someone you want to eat and drink with?

Alright, alright. Perhaps you DO need credentials. Here are her skills:

She knows a thing or two about the international foodie scene. She is published when it comes to this topic. Check out one of her articles here:

Are you addicted to travel shows and wish you could hang out with them? Elaine may not be a travel channel celebrity--yet, but you may want to do her tour now before she is:) Check this out:

I know I know. We dislike this type of video image, but she's a writer.

Furthermore, Elaine knows what makes a tour great after traveling around the world and attending numerous free walking tours all over Europe. She researched what works, what doesn't, and came up with her own interesting way of showing you the Playa del Carmen foodie scene. As a budget traveler, she will actually SAVE you money.

Besides, you KNOW you want some of these:

Although the tour is "Name Your Own Price", a suggested donation of $10 /USD or more per person is suggested. After all, she does take time out of her regular work schedule to see you. See, Elaine cares. She does not want you to leave Playa del Carmen without trying this:

Leave behind tourist traps or bustling 5th avenue meals. Elaine will take you to places you may not have considered and can cater your tour depending on your diet---vegan and vegetarian restaurants and options are available. She has done the research so you won't have to.

To book Elaine simply email her at: for details and further information. A must stop for any traveler to the Playa del Carmen area.

Schedule: Fridays through Sundays only.

She has one rule:

The cook eats first!

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