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So How Do I Get A Cheap Flight?


Photo: Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C.

“So how can I get a cheap flight?”  That’s one of the most asked travel questions and these powerful tips will help you secure the best deal.  The suggestions below are the tips that will keep saving you the most of your hard earned money to use towards your adventures instead of just your airfare.

Flexibility is key when securing a cheap airfare.  For example, a flight will have their lowest fares on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of a Sunday night when most people try to get home before Monday morning.    

Alternative Airports: Cities around the world have more than one airport that you can fly into or out of.  These airports pay their taxes and fees depending on the location.  The fees are later passed on to you as the traveler.  It is possible that the airport that is 80 miles away from your desired location is significantly cheaper than the one you are wanting to fly into.  For example, think of Orly as a better option than Charles de Gaulle when arriving or leaving Paris.  You may save yourself hundreds by choosing a different airport.

Clear your Web Browser: Have you ever wondered why does your flight seem to go up minutes later?  Search engines can actually track your browsing.  They want you to panic and purchase that flight right away.  It is important that you block cookies or clear your web searching data so that you can search for the lowest price.

Compare DIfferent Search Engines:  

Skyscanner: Flexibility is KEY. Skyscanner has the ability to search for the cheapest month and day to travel to your desired destination.  While I understand that not everyone has flexibility, you can still get a good feel for what month and day your destination is cheapest and prepare for your next vacation around this information.

Skiplagged has recently gotten into some legal issues since they found a loophole in the airline industry.  They noticed that flights with too many stops and longer layovers are cheaper. However, what if you happen to miss that last flight and your layover is actually your final destination? They aren’t doing anything illegal, but of course they have managed to upset many airlines with this hidden trick.  If you live in Europe and are thinking of going to Asia, Skiplagged is the way to go. Please be aware that for Skiplagged you must have a carry on only and a one way ticket. After all, you can’t check your bag to your “final” destination.

Momondo  There are times that you will get amazing deals on Momondo. Once you have checked both Skyscanner and Skiplagged, try this last search engine for one final comparison.  

Azair:  Azair may not be a well known search engine and its site is definitely very basic.  However, they offer budget flights around Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Asia. Flying around Europe just got cheaper than riding a train with this fabulous search engine.

5) Timing:  There are many apps that are specifically designed to help you purchase a ticket when the lowest prices are available.  You will benefit with an APP like Hopper that is going to alert you.  When it comes to purchasing airfare “Timing is everything.”  It is true that a flight will cost you less if you purchase it on a Tuesday (EST) instead of a Saturday morning.  What is the reason for this?  Businesses run inventory and airlines are no different.  A rule of thumb is to start checking 60 days in advance of your desired flight or simply buy last minute for leftover seats. Whenever you do decide to finally purchase your flight, you are better off purchasing it on a Tuesday EST instead of Saturday morning.  

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